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I got a question from my manager at Canon – that’s my daily job 💼 working as a communicator – if I could create an illustration for a press realease. Of course i can and with a short brief – me asking the relevant questions 😌 – I came up with this.

Total time from start to finished result was two hours. ⏳

Here you can find the press realease at MyNewsDesk.

Reaching 100 days

On the second of January I reached day one hundred in my illustration project. The feeling of creating for 100 days in a row was great. The purpose of this project was to become more creative. My thought was that you become more creative if you are consistent. I was totally right! 😄💯👍

During the project I have started to use a new app for drawing. The Procreate app is really great with a lot of different brushes and you can export a video of your drawing process. Here you can see how the New Year monster drawing developed.

What are my findings?

During this project I realised that I can be my own inspiration. A drawing from one day can be the starting point of the next day. When you look at my illustrations you can see that I use the same colours for a few days in a row. Here you can se my De Stijl illustrations from different days. 


I have also identified nine different themes within this hundred days project. 
The themes are: 

  • Orange to pink ⛺️🔶 🔺🧣🔻👛
  • Pattern 🏁🔸🔹👁‍🗨🔸🔹🏁🔸🔹👁‍🗨🔸🔹🏁
  • Dark ⬛️◼️◾️▪️⚫️🏴♣️🗯♠️🏴
  • Black & white ⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️🔳🔲◻️◼️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️
  • Colour 🛍🏮📪🔮🔋🔫💊
  • De Stijl💛❤️💙
  • The comics 🏳️🗯🏳️💭
  • Made with ink ✒️🖌✏️🖍
  • Light background 📁🗒📉📈📨💌🔖

From digital to real paper

A digital illustration has also become the sketch for a real ink drawing. That is what happened with day 60. The small version is a print of the digital illustration. The printing was done on a Canon imagePROGraph printer on Museo paper. The small prints became my Christmas card 2017. 

Music can be my inspiration

I also learnt that music sometimes can be the inspiration of the day. That’s what happened on day 39. You can listen to my theme songs of 100 days project on Spotify

I hope you liked to follow my 100-days project. If you have a favourite day feel free to let me know which one in the comments below (just press the headline to see the comment box) 😃 💌🗯


The other week was fathers day in Sweden. I didn’t have the time to meet my father so I came up with the brilliant idea to make him a illustration in this 100 days project that I am doing. 

When passing this note board I knew that it was going to be the background or scene for my illustration. 

The end result was this image published on day 49/100. Do I need to say that he loved it? 😊

Since my mother also like to check in how my illustration project is developing I created a illustration as a dedication to her on day 52/100. 

I call this illustration - What mothers do


Pattern for players

Pattern for players is not a blog post about people that you might find in the world of dating. You know the guy or girl that is playing around with other peoples feelings. It is also, not a post about athletic players in a team. So if you are a referee you might be disappointed. This is a post for all of you that want to know the story behind the pattern I created the other day and I just named it Pattern for players. 😊

This is the pattern ⬆️

On Sunday I followed my muse to the train. After we said good bye it would transport him to the airport and we would not hear from each other until we were in different continents. I walked around in a cold Stockholm and sat in a fancy café painting parts of the interior, overheard a player on a date 😏 and also drawing what I saw outside on the market place.  

Afterwards I visited three book shops to finally find what I was looking for - a book by Lotta Kühlhorn about pattern making. 

This is the book ⬇️

I started reading the book the same day and since it’s filled with inspiration and concrete examples of how to create patterns I had my mind set on creating a pattern for day 36‼️

Patterns is not something new to me - I think almost everyone that likes to draw have created pattern every now and then. Here are some examples of quite simple patterns I done in the past. 

Back to Pattern for players - this is a pattern very much inspired from my muse that went to Japan to play jazz. The pattern is filled with items that is Japan related and also with personal things. 

I published the post on my Instagram like I always do, and used hashtags like #jazz #trumpet #japan. What I did not expect was that I would get 20 new trumpet followers 😂 ! Since I also @:ed the writer of the book Lotta Kühlhorn I was so happy when I got a comment back from her! 😀

I hope that you find it to be a happy pattern and here you can see all of my illustrations from my 100 days project. 

A paraphrase

Went for a walk to a retro store after I put up my Marie-Louise Ekman print. Inspired by this artist I created something that you could say is a paraphrase. 

The painting to the right was created after I took a trip to Palma, on Mallorca. There are a lot of Palm trees there but it seemed to be even more Swedes! So thats written on the painting. “Swedes in Palma occur more often than Palms”. 

Hope you like to see a little bit more from my process.  

Moving hundred days project

Apparently I haven’t uploaded the last weeks illustrations to this blog. I just now decided to showcase all illustrations within my 100-days project on a portfolio page. I think it will look more eye-catching. 

I get a lot of questions about this project and I am really happy that many of my friends support me in this. Yesterday I didn’t post any illustration to my Instagram - but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t illustrating. I was just very busy going from work to a friends house. I guess Fridays are the days most challenging to post “in time”. 

The rules for this project is that I will illustrate something each day for 100 days. 

I have followed that rule - so that feels great! Every day I like to post the days illustration to my Instagram account. Hopefully you can follow me there if you like. 😍

 This was yesterdays illustration DAY 26, and I guess you see the theme.

Day 18

Sexual assault is never okay. Eat shit #Weinstein 

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