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Bold stories

  1. Day 15

    09 Oct 2017
    His request was not my law. I was more - don’t you know me by now? Sci-fi has never been my thing. But the evening was nice under my paintings in my pink sofa.

  2. Day 14

    08 Oct 2017
    Creating a little world after spending the weekend out in a forest with mushrooms, shoes, pears and lovely autumn weather. This weekend was fab thanks to the gang!🍁🍂🌧🍐🥚🍄🍷🍾🥃🍽☕️☕️☕️

  3. Day 13

    08 Oct 2017
    Googles in the pattern.

  4. Day 12

    06 Oct 2017
    DAY 12 We are discussing if we want to live for ever. Will the longing for eternal life fade when you get older? 

  5. Day 11

    05 Oct 2017
    Running around from an art exhibition to a concert. 

  6. Day 10 🙀

    04 Oct 2017
    Forgot my pencil at home so I just used my fingers to draw. Fun fact is that I am allergic to 😸 

  7. Day 9

    03 Oct 2017
    If you have a frown that leads the way maybe you should turn around.

  8. Day 8

    02 Oct 2017
    One week of illustrating every day and it feels fantastic to coming back into my creative mood.  Day 8 is a caption from the subway. Something I heard a man say to another man. I find these moments amusing. I call this one - Say what!?! He was laughing to…

  9. Day 7

    01 Oct 2017
    One week done! I am so glad that this weekend was spent in solitude, drawing and painting 🎨   It kind of takes time to find your flow and/or experiment with new expressions. This is no new expression though. It’s typically me 💀  I really like this frame from Ferm. Light…

  10. Day 6

    30 Sep 2017
    Real ink and paper is the material for today. I always find the balance between colour and white space interesting. I am a friend of colour so sometimes I am afraid I use to little. What do you think? 

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