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Interior Design

Restaurant Bistro Casper | Dalagatan 44, Stockholm |Photo: Annci Gustavsson

Saffron festival at Bistro Casper

For this project, I created the graphic design and been the lead creative when Canon decided to print a new interior for the restaurant Bistro Casper.

The business developer at Canon asked me to be a part of this project. I designed wallpaper, acrylic art, a menu on wood and door decorations. The theme was: a saffron festival and I got images from Babak - the restaurant owner. 

Canon collaborated with two printing houses, Pod Sthlm och Allduplo and we were a team of five people all together to make this happen. So happy to be part of #canondigitalart concept!


My design process in short

Understand it

What is the purpose and what are the needs? In this stage, I am listening to the different stakeholders and asking questions. 

Try it

With the scene set, I start to make sketches. In this stage, I try to be open to a lot of ideas. I show the client a presentation and a mood board.

Do it 

When I receive a go from the client, I take the sketches and transform them into real design files. 

Produce it

In this stage, the design files sent to the two printing houses.

Photo: Annci Gustavsson  

Graphic element - the crocus flower.

Colour pallette!

Photo: Annci Gustavsson Croped image.

Graphic element - the triangle.

Press realese

Here you can find the press release from Canon about this project. 

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