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Bold stories

  1. Last minute for GDPR

    22 May 2018
    I got a question from my manager at Canon – that’s my daily job 💼 working as a communicator – if I could create an illustration for a press realease. Of course i can and with a short brief – me asking the relevant questions 😌 – I came up…

  2. Reaching 100 days

    28 Jan 2018
    On the second of January I reached day one hundred in my illustration project. The feeling of creating for 100 days in a row was great. The purpose of this project was to become more creative. My thought was that you become more creative if you are consistent. I was…

  3. Parents

    21 Nov 2017
    The other week was fathers day in Sweden. I didn’t have the time to meet my father so I came up with the brilliant idea to make him a illustration in this 100 days project that I am doing.  When passing this note board I knew that it was going…

  4. Pattern for players

    31 Oct 2017
    Pattern for players is not a blog post about people that you might find in the world of dating. You know the guy or girl that is playing around with other peoples feelings. It is also, not a post about athletic players in a team. So if you are a…

  5. A paraphrase

    22 Oct 2017
    Went for a walk to a retro store after I put up my Marie-Louise Ekman print. Inspired by this artist I created something that you could say is a paraphrase.  The painting to the right was created after I took a trip to Palma, on Mallorca. There are a lot…

  6. Moving hundred days project

    21 Oct 2017
    Apparently I haven’t uploaded the last weeks illustrations to this blog. I just now decided to showcase all illustrations within my 100-days project on a portfolio page. I think it will look more eye-catching.  I get a lot of questions about this project and I am really happy that many…

  7. Day 19

    13 Oct 2017
    YES It’s Friday! 

  8. Day 18

    12 Oct 2017
    Sexual assault is never okay. Eat shit #Weinstein  #womenempowerment #illustration #100daysproject #typasa #madewithpaper #sexualassault #hundreddaysproject #closet #hangers #day18

  9. Day 17

    12 Oct 2017
    The yes sayers can be both happy and sad. 

  10. Day 16

    10 Oct 2017
    When almost everyone is carrying bacterias on the morning train. Today’s painting was created with the paper app and even if its about bacteria’s its damn colourful! 

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