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Wedding invitation

Got a question if I could create an invitation for a wedding. My idea was to create a handwritten card that would represent the couple. 


The bride loves the 80ies, and the groom is from Iran. It was interesting to work with Persian typography and learn how to incorporate that with my style.

Mood board as inspiration. 

When Christmas arrived, I created a thank you card for the newly weds. 

The back side was clean to let the couple write their thank you note. 

The process

This invitation was created to friends of mine. That made the process easier in the sense that the feedback could be direct. We hang out and I showed them the first sketches of the invitation. The mood board also worked as a guide for what direction we would take.  

Understand your client

Listening to the client and ask a lot of questions. 

Try it out

In this stage, I create a mood board, and I start to make sketches. 

Do the work 

In this project, we hang out for one day when I was drawing. Time-wise, this was very effective since you get direct feedback. Also, it is always nice to hang out with friends. 

Produce it

The couple took care of the order at the printing house.

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